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With News you can:

Create your Press Review. Your press review is powered by the contents you decide to include: featured news, articles from favorite authors and favorite topics, articles from custom searches. You can include articles from different countries, in multiple languages and from international authors. The included contents creates a stream of news updated in real-time to navigate with a touch like the pages of a paper magazine. You have control, no 'artificial intelligence' chooses for you.

Read always new articles. Your press review always offers you articles that you have not seen yet but you can easily find the articles you've already seen and save the articles to read later.

Learn more about a news. Expand your point of view on a topic by accessing articles and videos from other newspapers with a simple touch.

Manage your preferences with maximum flexibility. You can add authors and topics to your favorites to give them greater relevance and block unwanted ones. However your choices are not a cage, you can decide to receive all the articles from a topic even if they come from blocked authors.

Read news from reliable sources. News gives you access to thousands of sources: your favorite newspapers, the most famous magazines, many sources that you did not know before but always and only from reliable editorial products and, if you do not find what you were looking for, you can report it and we'll add it.

Innovative interface

Goodbye sections. You will no longer need to move between sections, subsections or browsing different websites. All articles from your favorite topics like sports, politics, economics and technology and from your favorite authors are organized in a single, constantly updated, news stream that you can configure with maximum flexibility and precision.

Horizontal scrolling. News show you articles in separate 'Cards' to browse with a simple touch as you would do with the pages of a paper magazine. This allows:

  • Instantly focus on relevant information
  • Move quickly between articles without losing one
  • Receive always new articles
  • An easy way to go back even in different sessions

Something you will not find elsewhere

Respect for your privacy. To use News you do not have to register or enter personal information. We do not use cookies and we do not sell your data to third parties. Information such as your preferences, browsing history, favorite articles are stored only on your device.

A free service without advertising. Incredible but true! In the future we will offer our users a premium paid version with additional features such as data synchronization between different devices. Unfortunately we can not avoid advertising on the sites of newspapers you want to access.

Artificial intelligence to classify contents

Improve thanks to you. uses AI to classify news into topics. For example, decide if a news is about sport, economy or cinema. AI more news reads more becomes precise, but it is still young and, if left in an isolated environment, wrong convictions could come and strengthen them over time. To avoid this unwanted behavior, IA gives a lot of importance to feedback from users who can report errors and help Ai make less mistakes and learn faster.

Access to limited content News proposes previews of articles published by external resources. Access to these resources may require a registration or subscription that will have to be managed in the manner prescribed by the publisher outside of News.

Some numbers (May 2018)

Daily cataloged News
Monitored sources
Available countries

Guidelines to protect publishers

A press review service could not exist without the contents created by publishers. Guaranteed the right of chronicle and the free information access, News wants and aims to maximize the role of publishers by following some guidelines that protect their and our interests:

  • The reproposed articles must be attributed with the utmost clarity to the author and must be only a previews of the original content.
  • The reproposed articles must include a clear, simple and straightforward mechanism to lead the user to the original content hosted on the publishers's website.
  • The user access possibility of articles must be limited in time (maximum 15 days), it should not be possible to search for articles outside this time frame.
  • Publishers must be guaranteed with a period of exclusivity on published content.
  • The press review must be delivered free of charge and without advertising, 48.PM News can monetize other services such as backup, data sync, etc

Development Information News is an original product, independent of external collection and processing services. Developed by Amedeo Celletti in Python language (data collection and analysis, back-end, web server) and in Javascript (front-end). It uses machine learnig algorithms to catalog articles and for facial recognition and uses public APIs, documented at, for data exchange.

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